We design with care – using imagination and empathy to think about how people experience space. Through critical spatial practice and as skilled problem solvers, we promote design quality, support positive change and aim to create spaces that work for all.

01 – Through co-creation and innovative collaborative practices, we help connect individuals and communities to their environments.

02 – We create open support structures that restore as well as encourage new cultures, relationships, and ecologies.

03 – Our work blurs the boundaries between contemporary art & architecture, balancing careful observation, judgement and experimentation.

04 – We use circular economy principles and passive design approaches to ensure our actions have a light impact on the planet during a project’s design, construction and use.

05 – We look to work with underrepresented groups in the built environment to help address displacement and create better places for everyone.

06 – Our approach is transdisciplinary and encourages dialogue with disciplines from diverse fields related to people and place, including: the arts, humanities, social sciences and life sciences as well as the built environment.

07 – Alongside commissions we investigate self-initiated projects related to urban ecology, land and land ownership, rebuilding of the commons and everyday wonder.